So Who Is Brandi And Why Should You Care?

As simply as I can put it, a Florida woman calling herself “Brandi” claims to be starting a new football league and changing the world through a global charity/economic development initiative.

It’s a scam.

It’s not real at all. In fact, I can’t be sure “Brandi” is even a woman, or lives in Florida at all. But that’s what she claims. (That may be her, above, in a still from a YouTube video. We don’t know for sure.)

While her true endgame is unclear, what is clear is that she lies. Quite a bit. And that there may come a time when you are enticed to invest money in her series of delusions. My hope is to steer you clear of that by presenting evidence that her claims are false, her projections wildly impossible and her tale a lie.


Why You Should Not Believe Anything About Brandi’s Football League


So Brandi has been spouting for years now (ever since the demise of the A11FL, another one of her supposed world-changing causes) that she was going to create a football league that will “take back the game of football.” And not just one football league, but a major football league and two levels of minor leagues. All owned by fans.

Here’s the outrageous premise of this supposed league (called, simply enough, “The League”). I’ll sum up the high points for you:

  • 12-16 teams, each with a farm club.
  • Players who will not only earn anywhere from $440,000 a year to $3,400,000 a year (that’s $211 million for 40 players on 12 rosters on the low end, and $1.6 billion on the high end), plus $400,000 signing bonuses (that’s $16 million per team, $192 million for a 12-team league). Not only that, they’ll get that money for life. 
  • Coaches who will make $6.8 million a year. (That’s more than all but seven NFL coaches make.)
  • The teams will be backed by sports clubs that are miraculously going to be gifted $400 million each annually from something called the Illumine Project, which I’ve mentioned before. It’s nonsense. It doesn’t exist, except in her brain and, potentially, at some guy’s house in the UK.
  • Oh, and, as you might expect with a league that’s funded to the tune of nearly $5 billion a year, it’s going to attract players that are second to none.

Got it?

Ask yourself how this could possibly be true. Where does this money come from? What project can generate $5 billion a year without anyone ever hearing about it? With it having virtually no online presence at all? 

If you can make it through that “Overview of The League” page, you’ll notice that it was supposed to begin with minor league play in the fall of 2015. I’m sure if you check your calendars, you’ll see it’s now 2016 and nothing happened. Nothing ever happens. Brandi has never had anything she said was going to happen actually happen. Ever.


That was a year and a half ago. (And The League’s Facebook page has not been updated since April 2015.) Now that we’re into 2016, Brandi has bought herself several more months where she can talk about what’s about to happen with her league.

Watch closely and see if anything she says is going to happen actually happens. Hint: it won’t.

Next, we’ll look more closely at the supposed funding mechanism for all of this: the supposed Illumine Project.



What We Know About Brandi

In this day and age, anyone can claim to be just about anyone or anything online, making a true determination of exactly who “Brandi” is difficult. In this episode, we will try to collate what we do know based on her statements and activities.

Someone else (not me) did some previous legwork on this, and this post and site will attempt to build on that work.

Over the course of the next several posts, we’ll look at exactly why you should not believe anything “Brandi” says about what she and her projects are going to accomplish.